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Simone Development Acquires 65,000 SF, Fully Leased Industrial Showroom/Office Flex Property in Port Chester, NY for $6.5M

PORT CHESTER, NY (August 2016) – Simone Development Companies, a full-service real estate investment company specializing in the acquisition and development of office, retail, industrial and residential properties in the New York tri-state area, has acquired the fully-occupied, two-story, 65,000 square-foot industrial flex property at 21 Grace Church Street in Port Chester, NY for $6.5 million.


The property, acquired in an off-market transaction direct for the owner, Grace 21 Associates, LLC, is 100 percent occupied by Empire Coffee Company, Inc., AlbumX Corp. and Port Chester Market Corp.


“This property represents a rare find in the Port Chester market, a modern flex building with 22-foot ceiling heights, a 32,000 square-foot warehouse, two loading docks and modern, air-conditioned office space all under one roof,” said Joseph Simone, President of Simone Development. “The existing tenants are successful, long-time businesses based in Port Chester and this acquisition preserves these home-grown jobs while providing an excellent long-term investment opportunity for Simone Development.”


In 1984, Robert Richter and Steve Dunefsky (since retired) founded Empire Coffee to provide private label options to office coffee service and food service distributors across the country with a commitment to providing the best coffee at competitive prices. The business grew, and in 1994 moved to its current Port Chester, location—a 40,000 square foot facility dedicated to roasting, grinding and packaging coffee for clients of all sizes. In 2013, the company evolved again and began developing custom retail packaging for its in-house brands including Waterfront Roasters.
Founded in 1988, AlbumX Corporation is doing business as Renaissance Albums and provides albums for professional photography studios throughout the world. In addition, AlbumX operates a custom digital division that features a professional album shop and offers design, printing, mounting and binding services. It also provides a range of traditional and contemporary-styled albums. The company s products are offered through professional photographers, authorized distributors and laboratories. It also offers a variety of marketing materials, such as sales brochures, tote bags and marketing kits. The company also provides various digital stock products that are ready-made and available for immediate delivery through its more than 30 distributors worldwide.


Senator Bernie Sanders could not handle the Presidency

By James C. Benerofe, Editor Suburban Street News


Senator Bernie Sanders biggest problem is his age. The mainstream media totally ignores this issue. Our last two presidents have been young. The job is exhausting. Presidents do not get a lot of sleep.

The next problem that Sanders has is that he is a socialist.   America was not built on socialism or for that matter ideology. America was built on practicality and capitalism.   Sanders does not like the stock market or big business. There are clearly things that need to be done to improve the stock market activities of

large investors. The biggest problem with the stock market is an uneducated naïve public. A large portion of the population does not understand how to invest in stocks. The solution to this problem is education. Start teaching

investing in stocks in the 5th grade. Also, at the same age, start teaching money, banking, and how credit and credit cards work.

Sanders may not like big business or the stock market but he can’t ignore them. Big business and the stock market provide thousands of jobs. CEO’s make extraordinary salaries.   No chief executives is worth more than about $5,000,000 a year.   Anything over and above is made with the assistance

of a sometimes very huge staff. Some executives have compensation packages exceeding $100,000,000. That needs to be curtailed.

Sanders wants free tuition for college students. That’s not practical or realistic.

If you want to really help college students—every political party should support this—cut the interest rate on student loans to 2%.

There are too many kids going to college, we need more trade schools. Everybody does not have to be a college graduate.

I would like to know a lot more about Bernie Sanders and the other candidates.

What countries have they travelled to? Do they speak any foreign languages?

Have their travels been strictly for official business or have they travelled to foreign countries for personal reasons (pleasure, vacation, visit relatives etc) ?

Do they have hobbies? What kind of exercising do they do? What kind of books do they read? What is there level of education?

In the passed 20 years or so of Senator Sanders political career what legislation has he introduced and gotten made into law. What has he done and why didn’t we hear about him until he decided to be a Presidential Candidate?

I do not think that Senator Bernie sanders could handle the Presidency. He clearly has some interesting ideas but really has no plan. He gives the impression that he is unwilling to compromise, a serious flaw for a president.

He should step aside.


(A little bit about me:   I am about four months older than Bernie Sanders.

I swim a half mile a day between 150 and 200 days per year. I started out managing family owned residential real estate. In 1976, I started a community newspaper in White Plains, NY which I published until 1995. I’ve been married

for more than 40 years(only once). I have four grown children and five grand children. I do not want to be President, I do not think I could handle the stress or the lack of sleep and I am too old.



Capital project includes major renovations and state-of the art crime lab


County Executive Robert P. Astorino today unveiled the newly renovated Westchester County Police Academy following a $9.3 million overhaul to upgrade training facilities and create a new state-of-the-art forensic crime lab.

“This capital project is about much more than bricks and mortar,” Astorino said. “It is about ensuring that police recruits and veteran officers can receive the best training possible for decades to come. It is about ensuring that our crime lab has the sophisticated tools and technology to meet the evolving demands of modern-day policing. It is about ensuring we are doing all we can to keep our people safe.”

Astorino, who proposed the capital project in 2014, was joined at the ceremony by Public Safety Commissioner George N. Longworth and chiefs and commissioners from multiple departments in the county.

Longworth noted that the academy is used by all police departments in Westchester to train their recruits to become police officers. Veteran officers return for lectures, seminars, supervisor school and other significant training throughout their careers. The county police crime lab is also utilized by all law enforcement in Westchester to process evidence and assist with criminal investigation and prosecution, he said.

“This capital project is an investment that pays dividends to every city, town and village police department in Westchester along with the county police,” Longworth said.

The Westchester County Police Academy, located at 2 Dana Road in Valhalla, was built in 1986. The building was shared by the New York National Guard and the Westchester County Department of Public Safety until the Guard vacated in 2011.

Under the recent capital project, the roof, boiler and windows at the 50,000-square foot structure were replaced. The HVAC, lighting, fire alarm and sprinkler systems were upgraded and made more energy-efficient.

To enhance instruction and training, upgrades were made to the Police Academy classrooms, computer room and drill floor. Sophisticated audio-visual equipment was obtained for use by instructors to enhance learning and training. Classrooms 2 and 3 can now be opened up into a single, large room, which will enable the academy to host larger-scale lectures or training than previously.

“Sometimes we had to turn people away because a class was filled to capacity,” Longworth said. “Now we have the means to accommodate everyone when that occurs.”

In addition, an interactive training area was created off the drill floor to enhance training that recruits and tactical teams receive. The hallway-like setting enables scenario-based training for making entry into rooms or buildings and handling crisis-intervention situations and active-shooter incidents.  An outdoor interactive training area and obstacle course is also being created on the academy grounds to improve physical and tactical training.

The county police Forensic Investigation Unit, which operates the crime lab, was relocated from police headquarters in Hawthorne to the academy building. The expanded space will permit the crime lab to meet the evolving and rigorous standards required by its accrediting agency – The American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board.

“Westchester County has always been a leader in utilizing forensic investigation to solve crime and hold criminals accountable,” Astorino said. “The new crime lab ensures that we can keep that commitment well into the future.”

The crime lab is the only one in New York State to be ASCLAD-accredited in the following five disciplines:

  • Firearms (Ballistics)
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Latent Print Comparison
  • Latent Print Processing
  • Digital Evidence/Computer Forensics.

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